Risk Management
At MoneyBrace, we do our part to minimize the risk of transactions, maximize online transaction security for all of our members
Over 6,000 e-commerce businesses
benefit from the mixmind service
Maxmind Fraud prevention
MaxMind found and verify risk orders, thereby reducing the controversial transaction refund. Using MaxMind, we can find frauds in the online ecommerce transactions.

We choose Maxmind, and use its service to determine the transaction whether there has the possibility to fraud or not according to many factors. These factors include those if these transactions have come from the high-risk IP address, high-risk e-mail or the anonymous proxy.
Advanced online merchant fraud protection and continuous monitoring
ReD is a real-time fraud prevention solution tailored to the needs of eCommerce merchants and payment service providers (PSPs). The solution is designed to enable businesses - to protect revenues, support growth and enhance customer experience.

Delivered as a managed service through an expert team of experienced risk analysts, ReD provides instant decisions (accept/challenge/deny) on eCommerce and mCommerce transactions.
Artificial online audit
Targeted treatment
“Call Center” which was a number of companies set up for users. In the early 1980s, In some Europe countries also United States, the telecommunications companies, airlines, commercial banks in order to get a close in touch with the user, established the “call center”, it may also called “phone center” which actually was a “service center” for the users.

Our company has set up a unified call center for the overseas card holder, MoneyBrace global call center (MCC). It was for suspicious orders make manual telephone audit in real-time, combined with the order information and phone checking information to analysis the trend, practices and normal indicators of the transaction risk and so on, to determine the right or not, to protect the merchant from fraudulent trading losses.