Product Introduction
Multi-payment channels, multi-language and multi-currency support
In 2012, MoneyBrace have taken the lead to pass through the global payment industry security standards certification. To protect the transaction data security by using the international financial industry enhance level encryption certificate. At the same time, we have designed a good user experience, high conversion rate of payment page to improve payment success rate according to the overseas online shopping habits. It was adopt internationality high-risk control system to screen all types of fraud risk and anti-fraud security of credit card transactions for merchants in the field of aviation , trade, banking and other refinement.
MoneyBrace support multi-language
We support seven international mainstream languages such as English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese. We can provide a payment page with a minority language according to the merchant’s demand.
3D Channel
3D Channel: When cardholder makes the payment, the payment has to be authenticated by the issuing bank. It involves issuing bank, acquiring bank, credit card organization, card holders, and third-party payment company and authentication.

3D authentication service is to improve the security of online credit card payment, protect cardholders’ online payment security, maintenance their Interests. It's an online payment security verification services, applies to all VISA, MasterCard credit cards.

It's verified by transaction password authentication, and it comprehensive protect against the risk of fraudu; It ensure that the cardholder shopping website authentic through personalized information re-examination. For online store, as long as the they join this service, you will get a full range of secure payment protection and peace of mind to enjoy the shopping experience.
Non 3D Channel
Non-3D channel (real-time): Cardholders only need to enter simple information, without authentication, and they can pay on line. MoneyBrace uses the data transaction and risk management system to receive real-time data to control the risk and settle accounts, so you can receive the payment faster.

1. It integrate visa, master, JCB, so cardholders can choose the type of credit card to make the payment.

2. Fill in different credit card number in the same page, it can automatically shield other types of credit card, it only shows JCB logo, and turn to the page in Japanese.

3. We use a powerful warning mechanism, combined with risk management system and manual review to ensure the security of each transaction.
NPC Channel
1. Quick
If the documents/information are complete, it takes one business day to open a merchant account.

2. Support multi-card type
We support Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB cards and so on.

3. Support multi-currency
We support currencies like: USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, CAD and AUD.

4. Safe and quick settlement.

5. Unlimited on the transaction amount.

6. We provide security system to ensure the safety of your transactions and information.
JCB Channel
JCB is committed to expanding the network of merchants, covering a variety of business areas. Using JCB channel must be in a leading edge in the development of Japan and South Korea and the surrounding market. With JCB, Japanese and Koreans can pay localization.

1.A Real-time online guideline is provided during the payment process, it can improve order conversion rate.

2.Provide great service to Japan, South Korea and the surrounding markets.

3, Pay full of local flavor, to increase cardholder’s shopping affinity.
American Express Channel
American Express upholds the goals "user experience” to serve the customers. MoneyBrace provide AE channel and offer a perfect online payment service to cardholders, and improve the transactions volume of merchants.


1. For the buyers in the United States, the service is thoughtful.

2. It's a Non-3D channel which popular.
VIP Channel
We offered double control to manage the risk of the orders. We process the suspicious orders accordingly and flexibility. Merchants of us can view the status of the orders. There are three kind of status: "Pending”, “Success" and "Failed". The processing time is within 24 hours.

1. It's a perfect combination of online and offline transaction processing, the transactions success rate is a great advantage.

2. Review order is processed flexibility, so we can maximize the successful orders and minimize the risk.

3. High successful rate of transactions.

4. Fast refunds for orders.