Risk Management

Order payment:

interface MD5 digest authentication MoneyBrace provides merchant order payment interface based on Md5 digest authentication. Merchants can use the order number + order amount + order date + login merchant background administrator password as the plaintext MD5 summary, the generated summary together with order payment information sent to MoneyBrace, MoneyBrace through Md5 summary authentication to determine whether the order information has been tampered with, thus protecting the interests of merchants.

Transaction returns:

The purpose of digital signature authentication based on interface is to ensure the integrity and authenticity of information in the process of information transmission and to provide the identity of the sender. Digital signature enables the receiver to verify the sender's signature of the message, the sender can not deny the signature of the message afterwards, and the receiver can not forge the signature of the message. If the merchants have a higher requirement on the authenticity of the data returned by MoneyBrace system, they can verify the signature by combining the public key and components we issue to merchants, so as to prevent others from simulating MoneyBrace returning orders and ensure the safe operation of the system, thus maximizing the protection of the interests of merchants and customers.

call center:

A unified overseas cardholder service, Money Brace Global Call Center (MCC), has been set up to scientifically analyze the trends, techniques and alteration indicators of risky transactions based on real-time manual telephone auditing of suspicious orders, combined with cardholder's order information and telephone auditing information, so as to remove falsehood and preserve authenticity and protect merchants from fraudulent transactions.



The MaxMind service locks in risky orders for more verification, thereby reducing refunds for disputed transactions. MaxMind services are used to identify fraudulent practices in online e-commerce transactions, alliance membership recommendations, questionnaires, account registration and registration. The MaxMind service we choose determines the likelihood of fraud based on a number of factors, including whether online transactions come from high-risk IP addresses, high-risk e-mail or anonymous agents. The MaxMind network is one of the key features of the MaxMind service, which allows MaxMind to create a reputation file for IP addresses, e-mail, and other parameters. The MaxMind network is made up of more than 6000 e-commerce businesses that use maxmind services. Users of the MaxMind service benefit from its dynamic and flexible fraud detection and mutual protection through the MaxMind network. For example, if we detect suspicious activity at an IP address, the entire MaxMind network labels it as a high-risk IP address in real time. Business feedback becomes a warning message for all other members of the MaxMind network. MaxMind services can be used separately or as a supplement to the existing internal fraud detection system.


ReD is a real-time anti-fraud solution (PSP) for e-commerce vendors and payment service providers. The purpose of the solution is to enable enterprises to protect revenue, support growth and improve customer experience. As a hosting service delivered through an experienced team of risk analysts, ReD provides immediate decisions (accept / challenge / reject) on e-commerce and mobile commerce transactions. Through ReD, businesses can carry out online sales business around the world, greatly expanding the scope of customers. Merchants can receive payments in the local market, pay transactions in most countries around the world and store funds in mainstream currencies, all of which can be achieved by a single connection. At any given time, ReD can provide continuous and substantial transaction data to improve the ability of businesses to detect fraudulent transactions. Each customer of ReD has a dedicated customer manager and a comprehensive customer support plan. Moneybrace uses the most advanced anti-fraud management solutions to help customers successfully convert more orders, control fraud risks and improve operational efficiency. A flexible approach means that services can be outsourced and can take the form of both internal management or internal management and external hosting, depending on their specific requirements. ReD provides a range of services (including tools, people, processes, and data) to help customers reduce the costs and complexity associated with paying for security. Better protect the security of the payment environment, and help customers protect the brand and establish the credibility of the enterprise.


Call center is set up by some companies to serve customers. Back in the 1980s, telecommunications companies, airlines and commercial banks in Europe and the United States set up hi-call centers, or telephone centers, in order to keep in close contact with users, with the support of computers and with the use of telephones as the media to communicate with users. . We have set up a unified overseas cardholder service call center, Money Brace Global Call Center (MCC), which aims at real-time manual telephone auditing of suspicious orders, scientifically analyzes the trend, methods and alteration indicators of risk transactions in combination with cardholder's order information and telephone auditing information, so as to remove falsehood and preserve authenticity, and protect merchants from bullying. Fraud trading losses.