1, fast access speed
2, support card species
3, multi currency transactions
4, clearing safety and speed
5. Unlimited receipts
6, safety guarantee system


Online and offline double risk control, suspicious orders flexible processing, merchants can see that there are three kinds of transaction status "to be processed", "success", "failure", the effective processing time is 24 hours.


3D channel: When the cardholder pays, he needs to go to the issuing bank for authentication (3D digital authentication or identity authentication) of the credit card channel. The issuing bank, the receiving bank, the card organization, the cardholder, the third party risk control platform and authentication are required.


The cardholder only needs to input simple information, without verification, can pay, in line with the consumer habits of foreign buyers. MoneyBrace receives real-time data for risk control and settlement through the data trading system and the wind control system, allowing you to collect money more quickly. The cardholder only needs to fill in simple data such as card number, CVV and expiry date, and can complete online payment, which is convenient and fast.

professional approach


Como resultado de la labor realizada por la JCB para ampliar la red de empresas especiales, que abarca diversas esferas comerciales, el acceso al JCB tiene que tener la ventaja más importante en el desarrollo de los mercados coreanos y sus alrededores.El corredor de JCB ha permitido a las coreanas y a las zonas circundantes la Capitalización, aumenta la solidez del público y permite que los portadores sean de compras, como de compras locales.


El paso de e hizo el primer objetivo de los servicios de "experiencia de los usuarios", desde la función hasta la experiencia de los procesos comerciales, integrando visa, Master, JCB, y guiando las tendencias y tendencias de la industria.

Advantage of international credit card



Convenience refers to the fact that consumers use credit cards to pay online, eliminating the traditional payment methods such as Western Union, Money Gram and Telegraphic Transfer, which first have to go to the appropriate institutions to handle the steps, while creating a distrust of new customers, leading to a loss of part. Customer.


Real-time because all operations are completed online, so the buyer and seller can know in the shortest time whether the payment is successful or not, as long as in the background can see whether the transaction is successful, the background can see the success of the shipment.


Security is because credit card online payment is provided by third-party payment companies, but because the third-party payment companies are cooperating with banks and credit card organizations, so out of the third party's own risk control system, there are more powerful bank risk control system and credit card organization's credit card database. As a guarantee. You can rest assured of this.